Komyo-temple in Kyoto.

First, the front of a gate eat Soba..
It is the first time in five years.
Five-year before is remembered.It was a plan way of the Portugal one-month trip.
All the hotels of Portugal were decided to be a guesthouse or a youth hostel.
The guesthouse was reserved as the rehearsal in Kyoto. 

However, the master who looked at my face by the reserved guesthouse has been refused, saying "It cannot stay at you."
It is unavoidable, and when offering stay regardless of those around one, an autumnal-leaves season and where are full.

 It thronged by the schoolmate of Kunming studying abroad which lives in Takatsuki,
and it having been puzzled and having remembered "being please pleasing."

 And Komyo-ji and such connection have having visited with her families on the next day.

 This time of the tunnel of the autumnal leaves of Komyo-ji also then is also living.