The account 9 of Chengdu

Ba Lang Ridge
Small shrine is in a peak.
If it looks in, the dear statue of Buddha is smiling.

Going down from a peak is exciting.
One track which seemingly collided with upon meeting suddenly is rolling to the bottom of a valley.
There is no reflector glass, instead an alarm whistle is always sounded.
Of course, there is also no guardrail.
since a car speed up such a way at splendid speed, kept on tenterhooks , exciting continuation
When turning of about 180 degrees , it prays to God.

It is said that it is the famous place of autumnal leaves that the bus ran such a way
and stopped at the next no less than 2 hours.
They are autumnal leaves unsatisfactory to me
who have got it used to seeing brilliant autumnal leaves in Japan.

Lunch break.
It is a poor meal.
It does not pass in a its throat.
There are also those who replace rice.

Walking along near,
some crowds are made to the both sides of a way.
Some wemem of touch of an ethnic minority truly sell the medicinal herb.
Famous medicinal herbAgrass in winnter and insect in summer,
is 1 yuan at one piece.
The lady of the same tour is doing price negotiation.
Another sell women has been approached me.
She is truly likely to be good.
The tooth which falls from a deep-black smile is pure white.
A market price is not known although it has heard that medicinal herb is very expensive.
It is likely to become a good souvenir.
Price negotiation is begun from half the sum.
"half yen."
It is not called "No".
I buy 30 piece.
The lady who bought it previously has said the complaint another sell women.

When that medicinal herb@is shown as a guide
"There is much imitation."
It takes in her hand and watches often.
"OK , this is likely genuine article"
It is the feeling that guarantee may be got.

The return passing through near Du Juang Di is also bypassing.

It is a Cheng Si train station that the bus reached.
The landing place of the bus looked for severely 4 or 5 days ago,
And it is a front at the eye of the hit which that boy showed.
Although the neighboring man was asked only about that, what nobody knew seems to be a lie.

It returns to a hotel.
Although it was going to receive the load entered and deposited in the hotel
it is severely kept waiting,
"A load is not found."
she says.
It requests to have you often search and comes out to the center of commerce in Chengdu.

Ma Po tofu of being sure to eat if you come to Chengdu,


The taste is not like expected, either, although it is unexpectedly expensive.
This is also expensive although soup is delicious.
It is said that the reason is that one piece of that medicinal herbA
grass in winnter and insect in summer, is contained.
It is said that the price of this of the minimum is also 10 yuan per piece.

I remembered that bought on the way from Si Gunian Shan.
Seemingly, it will be impossible although I bought it with one piece half yuan.
"It is surely imitation."
He said.
How which whether it is imitation investigates is taught and it is given.

The top of a photograph is which was contained in the soup of a high-class Ma Po tofu store.
What the second is which bought on the way from Si Gunian Shan.
If this is soaked in hot water for a while
It discolors white like the third.
Furthermore, if it soaks, the portion of a stalk and the portion of a fruit will dissociate.
It is brilliant imitation.
However, it carries out that the hand was crowded.
The wild grass which resembled the stalk of that medicinal herb well is connected with the imitation made from flour.
It is said that it will dry in the sun a number of days.

Uncommon medicine which is only in the 3000 to 4000m alpine belts, such as Si Chuan , Yunnan,
The dream of the souvenir of uncommon medicine was torn.

When it arrives at a hotel, there is no load too.
The woman of a receptionist says, "There is nothing that is not" and makes it cool.
Although it was resolute to a load since the great thing did not enter, it got angry at a woman's attitude.

When it said, "Call a manager", the young man came out.
He is the sub manager.

"There is no load. How do you want?"
I remembered that it was said that contents were written out when depositing,.
Since it was confused in the morning ,
a check of contents is not carried out, either but it has written indifferently.
A shirt, a sweater, a underwear; a food -- it is carefully alike and it is written that he has no valuables

To inside
I remembered having put in the China-Japan electronic dictionary, the memory, and some souvenir,
"I will secure."
The sub manager's attitude is earnest.
"Nothing is needed."
It was coming out to the throat.
"The things which a custody document is not filled in cannot simply be secured."
It got angry at this word again.

Japanese circle price of fillrd-in articles is converted into the China yuan.
He seems that it is surprised at an expensive price
I have half the sum guaranteed after all.
For each other,
If a load is found, when that returning, the secured amount of money is repaid.
Thus, it was settled.
Then, it keenly realizes inconvenient of the trip without a China-Japan electronic dictionary.

The villa of SARS prevention is stuck on here and there of a station .

The same room of the train of return is,
the sportsman type good youth related to 30, and an about 60-year-old large-patterned man.
the sportsman whose well-built meat became tight -- supposing it carries out the player of soccer
I'm surprised to hear
that he is the teacher of the Kunming medical college and it are also philosophical teachers.
His speciality is the Indian philosophy.
Probably, the talk suited very, if M‚’ O sat. with.
He is holding the souvenir of San Xing Tui carefully.
He hands me the memorandum in the separation case
which wrote the name and the telephone number .

The another man's height is about 1m90, or it is eaten well at any rate.
He is northeast people.
It is moving to Kunming immediately about Chengdu from the northeast yesterday.
It is tough.
Another work was begun after returning to private life.
Sometimes, a smile is floated and it is applied to our talk.

Although a trip is called drama, various things happen.
Although flustered then, if it considers later, it is not so a great thing all.
It meets various persons and separates.
Although it will never meet, recollections remain.
The recollections also disappear unawares and go.
A trip is the miniature of life.

The end