The account 8 of Chengdu
Su Gunian Shan 3

It enters into one of the hearts of the mountain of Su Gunian Shan called Chang Ping Gou today.
Car performs from Ri Long to Lama Si and the rest is free time till the evening.
Su Gunian Shan approach gradually.
This mountain first gained the summit by the Doshisha University alpine club in 1987.

Lama Si which ideserted temple marks do not have, either.
Although it is the Buddhist temple of Lamaism which deified Su Gunian Shan
which are Seizan of this district,
it is said that it was destroyed at the time of Great Cultural Revolution
It rides on a horse from here, or there is on foot.
There are many people who ride on a horse overwhelmingly.
A walk while seeing Su Gunian Shan this time is the purpose.
I start wavering and walking.


As for the mountain trail,
a plank path (constructed on the steep mountainside) is fixed splendidly.
I attached fall on my backside at the moment of considering.
It is frost.
The plank path is shining with frost white. .
being dangerous -- I start walking with a gait


Su Gunian Shan become large gradually.






The plank path will be lost if I walk about 2 hours.
It goes into a primeval forest.
Although forgotten the name, it is peculiar tree to this district.
A clear stream flows against the background of 5000m and 6000m class mountains.
There are the trees which attached the fruit of a clear stream, red, or yellow
against the background of 5000m and 6000m class mountains
and also a suspension bridge.
Some Yak attend some places.

Although it is the touch which has gone back Kamikochi, there is no stand etc.
Although several young man with mountain climbing appropriate for the purpose
which carried the big rucksack on the back is met
There is also no guidance board like the start of a trail up a mountain.




It follows and arrives at the place which walks about 4 hours and is called Tian Hai Zi.
The youth of the same tour -- a gait -- it has got down lightly
If it asks him
Seemingly, it will take 1 more hour till the place where Su Gunian Shan spread before them.
It is already tired.
A chronic disease is also in a knee.
It abandons and returns.


It tries to look back upon Su Gunian Shan repeatedly.
It will not again see.


After all, I walked both ways for about 7 hours.
It is the highest record for these years of a number of.
II will think that what is made, if man becomes a motivation.
It is but like a haike without steepness.
Lukewarm Su You Cha is foolishly delicious.

Is it close to the Matterhorn in Switzerland as tourist attractions?
Probably, the rope way etc. is made in the future.
It is difficult in how balance is maintained
for sight-seeing development and the protection of nature.

It is mixed the horse which returns by himself
with the horse which pulls and returns to a man.
A horse looks at trudge along his hause and is impressed strangely.

It does not regret.
7 or 8 persons surround a table every meal.
I cannot be applied to the ring of Chinese peoples.
Upwards it is shy of strangers and the talk does not continue on the level of my Chinese.
There are also those who have worn mountain-climbing boots with a big camera.
It was the purpose that they come to Su Gunian Shan clearly.
However, there is also a person who wore the necktie and wore shoes.
They could take an official trip to Chengdu, and, probably, participated in tour just for a moment.

The middle-aged man asked me.
"How far did you carry out?"
"to Tian Hai Zi."
"Did it carry out by riding on a horse?"
"I walked."
The man projected the thumb.
Seemingly it is the meaning that ”you are wonderful”.
Seemingly, most men carried out on the horse.

There is also a portion which is hearing their conversation and which can be understood slightly.
A one man says dissatisfaction very often.
"Is there nothing only in snow-covered mountains?"
"That is right right."
Several persons agreed him.

Returns to the room and redrinks by Tibetan Bai Jiu.
It is a toast.

It continues.