The account 6 of Chengdu
Su Gunian Shan 1

6:30 start.
Minibasu gather visitors in some hotel.
The bus of 20 person riding grade is no vacancy mostly.

The high-speed way improved finely is flown lightly.
It passes along near Du Juang Di.
Although it was in the pamphlet with the distant view about Du Juang Di.
pass through there without stopping.
Seemingly it is a highway while huge crossbeam builds in a large valley.


It runs for 4 or 5 hours, and is a lunch break.


If it notices,the steep mountain path is run between when.
A valley like Kamikochi in Japan is gone.
The snow-covered mountain shows a figure little by little.

It seems that or was slept unawares.
It wakes up with the cry called
It is uncanny!
The snow-covered mountains where a dragon lies down and goes before it stands in a row.
"This is Su Gunian Shan?."
It asks a guide.
"No、 this is Long Wo Shan "






Furthermore, a car progresses -- large zigzags drawing
Such a grand scene is not seen in Japan.
Ba Lang Ridge with an above sea level of 4487m are exceeded.

A subtle and profound mountain range in which a hermit lives appeared.
This is Su Gunian Shan.


It continues.