The account 4 of Chengdu
Chengdu zoo

According to guide book
15 or16 pandas are in the Chengdu zoo, and this is the most numerous all over the world.
It is a thing that there are also many new animals which are only here.
The place of a zoo is also intelligible by the Chengdu station to bus for 20 or 30 minutes.

If I am walking along inside large garden here and there,
The voice which screams in shrill voice can be heard.
When it approaches, they are a rare ape and an alias is "Calling Monky"
The form of a mouth is changed variously.
It seems that loud sound, low-pitched sound, and intonation are attached,
and it has sung.


Although only this had the seen worth
Others are ordinary zoos.
But I also have a possibility of having overlooked
since it is not detailed to an animal.







The important panda which was the purpose are only two.
It is also in the direction of a long distance and it is disappointing.


It returns.
and the landing place of the bus of Su Gunian Shan going is looked for.
Although the "Cheng Su train station" investigated by the Internet has appeared in the map of guide book
It has not appeared in the city area figure here.
It is not found although the map of guide book is looked for to reliance.

If it asks the boy of a man-pulled cart, he will say that he knows that.
What the boy indicated "Is here" is the bus stop called " Cheng Su bus station."
It gets off a man-pulled cart and asks nearby peoples.
Although several persons has gathered, nobody knows.

Darkness is imminent.
Beer becomes dear.
It is very doubtful although the woman of street cleaning who asked again taught kindly.

It is abandoned and returns to a station.
It asks in a place like the information desk of a station.
When "Go into inside" is said and it went into inside, one sheet of paper was presented.
what thing is the guidebook of the tour which is not -- it was the travel company which was regarded as the information desk

When the waist is raised and you start walking for a while immediately, it is after to a woman's voice.
When it turned, the lady of a smiling face presented the ball-point.
He forgets to a place while ago and it is [ hang down and ] to it.
The lady's attitude and the smiling face were pleased.
Since it became troublesome variously
After all, it is decided that it participates in the tour of the travel company.
It is likely to be cheap rather than the price of 450 yuan also goes by itself.
The contract which will seemingly be reasonable is signed.

Even so, a female smiling face is fearful.
This may be a single cell.

It continues.