The account 4 of Chengdu
San Xing Dui Museum

Although the hotel in China is so anywhere
There are those who are sitting down before the big desk of the middle of a lobby.
He is sub manager mostly.
Also in a male, also in a lady, it is.
Correspondence is early when the talk is offered to him.

If the way to San Xing Dui is asked,
time from which it rides [ where ] on where going, and gets down where will take about 1 hour.
It taught kindly and carried out to the sign.
Although it differs from a publication of guide book, it is trusted here.

Now, the bus stop of the bus is not known.
It is difficult to ask a way and to discover it simply in China.
The bus stop which the sub manager taught is nondiscoverable.
The taught the bus station is very large.

A certain man is "that" and a certain man is "here."
The inside of the station where many buses are located in a line is searched for.

The problem of Chinese tourist business is here.
The guidance to a traveler is kind and polite in Europe or the Republic of Korea,
although especially the Republic of Korea is substantial

The "Information" where the character of [i] surely entered into O is situated
in the main station and places of natural beauty and historic interest.
Information, such as a hotel, places of natural beauty and historic interest,
and traffic, can be taken easily.
There are also many pamphlets.
There is no information desk in Chengdu station, population 4 million
and the famous as a tourist city moreover.

A bus stop is discovered at last.
The bus stop of a city bus line and a suburban bus line is separate.
Possibly how to search was bad.

It reaches right in front of "San Xing Dui museum" in a little more than about 1 hour.
It is a splendid museum.

The excavated things here was exhibited at a number of years ago in Japan.
It is proved that advanced civilization was also in the Yangtze River valley
at the ancient times presumed to be 3500 years before.
It has memorized having made noise as if the textbook of the present world history not being rewritten.


God Tree is huge and elaborate bronze casting,
it seems in which the sun dwells is imitated.
The size of a mold is imagined and no word is found to say.


Many strange person images and masks
Molding of a face and the body is also unique.


Although it cannot photograph,
it is mixed with a huge bronze thing and the ornament thing
of very minute elaborate bronze also attracts an eye.



What does the hole which was vacant open on the head mean?.
It is strange.


Golden Mask is conspicuous.
Is it a king's mask?


Although named the vertical mask,
thes eyes that jumped out extremely is also interesting.
It seems he says,
"Open an eye wide greatly and gaze the circumference at the world
,the thing for the world, at a man in detail"
But it is so that it may be warning.


Although each can also overwhelmed.the present day'peoplles.
What do these masks mean?
Is the technology which builds these influenced of what?
Casting technology is also wonderful.
In addition, expression capacity also feels art nature.
. The civilization of only this does not seem to have generated suddenly
in the Yangtze River upstream 3500 years ago.
This district was called barbarous land 3500 years ago.
Now, the bronze ware of such a form is discovered
only here not only in China but in the world.

These remains mean existence of the big kingdom of the rule range
which has financial ability extremely.
On a Chinese history, I think that there is no publication of this kingdom.
Is it the world of a myth?
I do not have such kind of basic knowledge.
It is existence of the kingdom exceeding me imagination.
I believe that much civilization is sleeping in various parts of China still more.

Although it will be solved someday,
they are a mystery, a mystery, and a mystery.

It continues.