The account 3 of Chengdu
Blue Sheep Tenmple,

It is founded by Tang dynasty and burned down in Ming dynasty.
The existing building was rebuilt by Qing dynasty.
and the long and honorable temple of Taoism.

The origin of the name is based on the historical fact of
that the father of Taoism , Lao-tzu, having been accompanied by the blue sheep,
and having passed along this.

Two copper.'sheeps carried from Beijing are in Qing time.
Many worshippers crowd round noting that many illnesses are cured.

The roof of eight square shapes of The Divination.shrine, and a dome-like ceiling
The view of the world "heavens are round and grounds are crossroads" is expressed.



Before the wall with the character of fortune, congratulation, and stipend,
Many touristes shut an eye, turns the body 3 times, and faces to a wall.
If there is a character in which the man touched by fortune,
the happiness of the future of him will be promised.
If it is congratulation it is a long life
and If it is stipend, he becomes a rich man.
There are many people who aim at fortune.

Sentence Particular Temple
The Buddhism temple of the Period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties foundation.




From the first, this was a nunnery、
.therefore -- or -- there are many the nuns

The Four Devas, Amitabha, the Kannon,, Gautama Buddha, Anan, and so on.
The precious statue of Buddha is restored to each building.
Especially,the ten iron's statues called "Guardian Deity" cast by especially Sung dinesty
are precious things also artistically.
In addition, The many kinds of Buddhistic culture and
the paintings and calligraphic works of prominent painter
Here, seemingly, Three Warehouse Monk's skull is collected.

It continues.