The account 2 of Chengdu
Temple of Marquis Wu.

It is the shrine which deified well-known Kung-Ming.
A scale is still large than TuFu's Thatched Cottage here.
For the fan of The story of Three country, it is a delightful place.

The temple,initially built i 223 AD,now covers 80 Mu
and consists oh Hui Ling, Emperor Liu Bei's tomb
as well as memorial halls for Liu Bei,
His beloved Prime Minister Zhuge Liang
and other monarchy staff of the Kingdum of Shu Han.


The Liu Bei temple is ahead.
And the temple of Zhuge Liang extended far back further.
For many Chineses, the patronage to Zhuge Liang will excel it of Liu Bei.





There is statue of Zhang Fei and Guan Yu in right and left of Liu Bei.
Although it has fitted into the Story of Three Countries televising of TV recently
A performer's looks especiallyGuan Yu, and Zhang Fei are just like that of the statue here.


Charm is felt for the image on a roof, and the image of the both sides of an incense holder.
A semantic intention is not understood.

The image of the military manand the literary man
of the Kingdum of Shu Han stands in a row.
They are very famous names.
Differing from the image from the Mikuni mind is also interesting.

For example, his bravery is unimaginable by the old man with ordinary Zhao Yun.
It is ‚k‚‰‚•? of the grandchild of Liu Bei to have attracted blindness in my eye.

When his father's Liu Chan surrendered to Wei,he was too proud to do that
but killed himself with his sons in front of the grave of Liu Bei.
It gives a nod of assent that the image of coward father's Liu Chan
has not been located in a line here.

The grave of Liu Bei is splendid truly.
But it is very small if compared with graves, such as Shi-huang-di and Se-tien wu-huang.
There are still 180m of the circumferences and 12m of height.


If it is lover of ‚she Three Countries,
at least not all these temples will be able to be seen in one day.

Chengdu is abundant in tourist attractions.

It continues.