The account 1 of Chengdu
DuFu's Thatched Cottage

It is a trip of the train of a little more than 19 hours from Kunming to Chengdu.
Two men of a sharing a room are reasonable who are completely unamiable .
It seems that it is the cause of my sullen look.
He hangs a cellular phone in the room.

The mountains and rivers of this neighborhood have few trees.
A ravine on which a bare mauntain pounces from the head.

Although surprised at the little of the tunnel of Henan district,
There are many tunnels here.
I can understand the steepness of the way from Yunnan to Suchuan.

It is this neighborhood that Yuanmou hominid
which survived before 170 thousand years ago was discovered.

The country zone is run if an eye awakes in the morning.
Seemingly, it went into Suchuan Basin.

If it comes out of the station in Chengdu, a tout will hang about and come together.
"an overnight stay of 60 yuan" of one person in them.
The man back is followed.
A load is rolled about 10 minutes from a station.

Much tiredness is felt if the waist is taken down to a lobby.
Moving becomes troublesome and it decides to stay on this hotel.
He recommends some tour from Chengdu.

Su Gunian Shan of the main point of the Chengdu travel of this time
are due to go independently. .
Seemingly it is the trouble which is attained to Su Gunian Shan very much.
I want to go also to Leshan.

It was hard coming to refuse from him, while having acquired information variously.
It will participate in the one day tour in Chengdu.
Participating in such tour is new.
Probably, senility has actualized.

DuFu's Thatched Cottage.
The Chengdu street is also filled with a car and is overflowing.
It is DuFu's Thatched Cottage, going under traffic congestion repeatedly.
It is imagining and the scale of reliance is large.
DuFu which escaped An Lu-shan's difficulty just passed in four or so years.


Neighborhood of the hermitage which DuFu passed quietly,
Probably people of Suchuan hung carefully important for a long time, and have repaired.
The depth of deep attachment of Chinese people to DuFu can be read.
It is said that the present building is a thing of Qing era.

As opposed to Li Bai freely wild with the gifted capacity,
DuFu considers as melancholy and the sincere person who has ambition
in order to always improve society more,
and has a feeling strong because of the realization of duty,
and is known for the hard-working type.
The style of his poems is indignant and sad.


The hand of DuFu statue has discolored.
When the hand of DuFu is touched, intelligence will receive.

Also as for a character on either side, what appears wonderfully.


As for the neighborhood of BrushwoodGate in which DuFu lived,
A fresh wind escapes from bamboo grobe quietly.

I recall that I am charmed in the poetry " climb YueYang Lou" of DuFu,
and Yue Yang Lou was visited first of all in China.




People are taking a walk calmly.
It is the place of suitable relaxation of a citizen.

It continues.